Shijiazhuang Group is a “National Innovative Enterprise” recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology and other three ministries. It has a first-class high-tech drug incubation base in China – the Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Shijiazhuang Group, in California, Preston, Texas, New Jersey has a research and development center and a clinical center. Each year, Shijiazhuang Group invests more than 10% of its sales revenue in product development and system construction, with an annual R&D of 1.5 billion yuan. At present, a research and development team of 1,700 people has been established, including thousands of masters and doctors, and has established a complete R&D system in innovative drugs, generic drugs, biopharmaceuticals, antibody drugs, etc. Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Pharmaceutical research
    With a domestic first-class research and development environment and the most advanced equipment and facilities, it has established two national key laboratories: “Chiral Drug Development” and “New Drug Preparations and Accessories”.
  • Product registration
    The drug registration team has rich experience, thoroughly understands the registration regulations, fully grasps the technical guiding principles, and can flexibly use it under the premise of legal compliance to ensure that the application project can pass the examination and approval smoothly.
  • Clinical research
    It has the first clinical team in China to complete a series of new drug Phase I to Phase IV clinical research, and has established several clinical research centers at home and abroad.
  • Intellectual property protection
    The patent team led by one of the most experienced patent agents in domestic pharmaceutical companies has established a solid intellectual property protection barrier for new drug research and development.
  • Production transformation
    Have a professional new product conversion team, responsible for the pilot scale of new products and the transfer of large production processes. Ensuring the stable production process of R&D products and first-class product quality
  • Discovery of innovation
    With an innovative drug screening platform and a new drug screening team of more than 100 people, the drug candidates were independently screened by CADD and in vitro and in vivo pharmacology studies. A number of domestic and foreign joint laboratories have been established to conduct early drug discovery research.
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