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Enbip Pharmaceutical Industry joins China Rare Diseases Alliance

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Today, information on the website of China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association shows that the founding conference and the first academic conference of China Rare Diseases Alliance were held on October 24 in the Academic Hall of Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Domestic leading pharmaceutical companies such as Stone Pharmaceutical Group Enbipu Pharmaceutical Industry have become members of the alliance.

China Rare Disease Alliance is a nationwide, non-profit and cooperative communication platform, which is led by Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China Medical Innovation Promotion Association, China Hospital Association and China Research Hospital Society. More than 50 medical institutions, universities, research institutes, enterprises and other subjects of rare disease-related specialties have voluntarily jointly formed.

Under the guidance of the national strategy of "Healthy China", rare diseases, as a typical livelihood problem, have attracted the attention of all parties. According to reports, at present, there are nearly 7000 kinds of rare diseases, but the treatment is low and the cycle is long. The amount of venture capital in the field of rare diseases in the world is increasing year by year. Among the new drugs approved by FDA, the proportion of orphans is increasing steadily. In the 181 new drugs approved by FDA in the past five years, 74 of them are orphans, accounting for 41%.

In order to promote the harmonious development of society and strengthen the protection of vulnerable groups, favorable policies have been introduced one after another, which has promoted the overall development of rare diseases and increased the enthusiasm of orphan drug research and development. At present, the Stone Pharmaceutical Group Enpip, Mitoxantrone Hydrochloride Liposome and Antibody Coupling Drugs are developing orphan drugs in the United States.